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Our rate sheet is visible within the ISPLogin section, as well as here, which shows discounts for longer terms and multiple products. For non-ISPs who wish to consider advertising on CanadianISP, please contact us.

If you are an ISP that has not yet listed on, you may wish to read the CanadianISP ISP Guide to CanadianISP - A quick reference to why listing on the largest and most popular Internet Service Provider search and comparison site in Canada is to your company benefit (And yes, it is completely free of charge)

If you are already listed, but are looking to get more referrals from CanadianISP to your site, you may first want to read the ISP Guide: How to generate the most business from CanadianISP.

You may also want to look at this Visual Example (jpg image) of how each advertising feature appears in the search results screen. (Opens in a new browser window)

This page shows the profits makeable by an ISP who makes either $2 or $5 / DSL line / month, with several levels of new accounts gained by being listed on CanadianISP (from 4-37 new accounts per month, depending on several factors)

Why would you want to advertise? went live on Friday June 14th 2002. We experience millions of hits and equally, millions of page views per year. CanadianISP averages 1,560 unique sessions per day with a yearly average of 5,585 page views per day.

We have had well over 3,500,000 ISP searches to date and we have over 220 (~33% of all ISPs in Canada) ISPs self-registered.
When you register your ISP you get a userid and password to the ISP only section. This section provides tools to update your service listing in real time, read the archives of our monthly news letter to ISPs and view real-time statistics on which ISPs are being viewed and clicked on the most, which services are being searched for the most, as well as the most popular cities within the provinces. - These are invaluable tools for your future service and advertising planning and they are included with your completely free listing.

The most important differentiating factor about deciding to use your marketing dollars on CanadianISP is the following: People who visit are here for one thing and one thing only: They're looking for an ISP. We don't sell hardware, cars, herbal health solutions, video games or houses. Traffic to this site is extremely targeted, so you know that your message is being seen by the right audience.

" site is a very effective marketing vehicle. It's been driving steady traffic with an 11% conversion (to actual customers, which is unheard of these days)." Sean D'Arcy of 3Web

Velcom has seen a clickthrough rate averaging 75.51% from their detailed listing to their sales page in January, 2011, alone (Velcom was in the purchased rank #5 and runs a tower banner in rotation)

Banners are available as horizontal (top or bottom of page), skyscraper (left or right) as well as a mid-results horizontal in-search-results banner, between results #10 & #11. They are available both on the search form page (Pre-results) as well as the results page. Banners are served by our custom banner serving software which ensures your banner ads appear only in markets and for services which you serve and provide. This means your ad dollars are not wasted in displaying your ad to areas or services that do not apply to your business. All ad services are charged monthly, quarterly or yearly. We do not do CPC or CPM, which gives you predictable costs and guaranteed exposure over time.

Marketing Data - tracks (like all sites) the searches performed. We do not track any information about the user performing the search, including IP addresses1. We guarantee we will never give or sell information about our users themselves (If we don't track it, we can't give or sell it). ISPs have access to a good portion of this data at no extra charge from the ISP Login section of the site.

We track the cities being searched for services in, the type of service, the price option, as well as Residential or Business. We track the number of times an ISPs detailed listing is being viewed. We also track number of times a banner is served, as well as clicked through. We track the difference between residential and business searches, as well as aggregated totals.

In addition, the free listings on CanadianISP also track the number of times a detailed view has been clicked on, as well as the number of times the URL for an ISP has been clicked through. This information is available at no charge via the ISP Login section of this website.

This is a very effective market planning tool in showing you, in real time, the market needs on a city-to-city and a service-by-service need. With the ever changing realty market, this tool will often give you an advantage over your competitors in giving you the information to target specific cities as their demand for broadband services grows.

Perhaps most effectively, all new ISP advertisers receive a 50% discount on any and all services up to six months in length. We are that confident in the effectiveness of the advertising that we'll cut the price in half in order to show you this. There are no blackout periods to this discount, either.

Contact us for detailed information and pricing. If you are an ISP, the detailed rate sheet is visible in the ISP Login section of this website.

1 The only exception to IP address tracking for individual users is for ISP ratings and review - This is done solely in the rare case of harassment or criminal libel and is only released to law enforcement agencies or ISPs with an active court action.

Last updated: July 31st, 2013

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